An Ever Increasing Agents Network

4 January 2016

The Benefits of Housebuilding

Partnerships to Complement our Services

Constantinou Bros Properties has formed partnerships with top national and international companies that provide superior real estate related services to the Cyprus market.

The company’s purpose is to continue developing these partnerships which can complement our services, so that we can provide a high level of support to our clients. With the Immigration Schemes gaining increasing popularity, more and more nationalities worldwide are seeking to participate in the Citizenship by Investment programs making our representation on a global basis more important than ever before.

Cyprus Immigration SchemesRock of Aphrodite in PaphosOur Agents

We believe that our company offers the best chance of success and we provide our partners with high profit sharing and support to enable them to achieve their goals. Recognising that our agents work is dependent not only upon their ability to find property suitable for their clients and closing transactions but also on providing the necessary support from our side, we ensure that all relevant materials and support are readily available for them. Our Agents are granted access to our website and the latest news and updates of our company placing them in a privileged position when dealing with the client’s requests and needs.

Our Agents have a considerable variety of properties to choose from and promote which consist of villas, luxury houses, and apartments as well as land.

Luxurious villas at Konia Sunset by Constantinou Bros PropertiesConvenient Apartments at Georgos Complex by Constantinou Bros Properties

Constantinou Bros Properties affiliations with agents spread all over the globe with partners in China, Europe, Russia, South Africa, Canada, United States as well as the Middle East.

We believe that the wider our agents network, the better our diverse clienteles’ needs will be met and we are always looking for capable partners to represent our company accurately. The company’s values lie on customer satisfaction and care and an inclination to meet, if not exceed, our clients expectations. In this constant effort to improve our services and extend our international agent cooperation, competent individuals who possess the qualities to bring forth our company’s ideal will be preferred.

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