Chinese Spring Festival

19 February 2015

The Benefits of Housebuilding

Happy Chinese New Year!

In Asian cultures, the New Year is the most important holiday of the year and is celebrated over a period of 15 days. In China, the New Year is also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year as the Chinese calendar is lunisolar.

This year is the Year of the Ram, otherwise known as the year of the sheep or the goat. The Ram is regarded as propitious animal that delivers a year of promise and prosperity. Ram represents the eighth sign in the 12 cycles of the Chinese Zodiac. Those born on the year of the Ram are said to be generous, caring and trusting.
Families as a tradition clean their homes to sweep away the bad luck and make way for the good luck. Windows and doors are decorated with symbols of good fortune and happiness.

Celebrations of the Chinese New Year include plenty of food with family and time to honour the family ancestors and traditional gods.

Constantinou Bros Properties wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year of the Ram!

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