Contemporary Lifestyle and Citizenship in Konia Modern Luxury Residences

25 October 2015

The Benefits of Housebuilding

Konia Luxury Homes provide the prospective purchasers with the dual benefits of owing a luxury custom built home designed to the highest specifications, while at the same time acquiring the Cypriot citizenship. Since 2014, investors have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a Cypriot, and consecutively European citizenship, when they invest €2.5 million or above in purchasing property.

Situated on the Konia uphill, just a few minutes' drive away from amenities such as the International School and the Paphos General Hospital , these luxurious four bedroom residences offer the choice of two property types, depending on the purchasers' preferences of size and style.

The designs were based on the concept of providing owners with the prospect of luxurious but minimalistic living in an ideal location, combining the latest technology features with the strong elements of water and earth. The tranquil Mediterranean views combined with the surrounding green landscape suggest a sense of the outdoors being brought to the indoors. Floor to ceiling windows and spacious areas enhance the sense of light and freedom in the properties while taking advantage of the all year round sunny weather of Cyprus.

Type 1 properties are designed on three levels; a lower level, a ground level, and a first floor level thus boasting panoramic views of Paphos. The lines are simple but elegant,incorporating natural materials such as stone, marble and granite, to blend into the natural landscape of the area, while giving a sense of simplicity and luxury. The long pool, positioned to be embraced by the house, follows the lines of the residence, affording the serene feeling of water being part of the premises.

Type 1 Residence on three levels


The open plan design allows for a spacious living and kitchen area , ideal for the whole family, allowing plenty of space for sitting and playing. The lower level also serves as an entertainment area for both adults and children; be it a pool room or a playroom.

Living area of Type 1

The spacious bedrooms with panoramic views of the town are designed to allow as much natural light as possible whereas creating an ambience of calmness by incorporating the outdoor landscape.

The state of the art , large bathrooms ensure that residents will enjoy the utmost relaxation coupled with the sense of private luxury.

Bathroom Type 1

Additional remarkable features are the covered patio leading to an open verandah and a pool which exceeds the expectations of its owners as it provides the means for swimming as well as a 'fluid' corridor leading to a 'wet' patio enabling you to sip a cocktail while relaxing in water!

The house is connected to the garden and lower level with steps on either side allowing for easy access while enhancing the harmonious design of the house.

Type 2 properties are based on the same concept as Type 1 but are more suited to owners preferring a more compact residence. Allowing the same sense of freedom, with floor to ceiling windows and a long swimming pool following the symmetry of the house, combine natural materials with pure luxury.

Type 2 residence

The Konia Modern Luxury Residences are retreats in nature built with materials that allow them to blend in with the natural landscape of the area while at the same time keeping modern lines , maintaining a balance between the Konia area and the modern living of the Paphos area. The spacious Type 1 or the more compact Type 2, both equally combine the sense of luxury, modern living and nature, while being so close to the center of the town and all modern facilities. The extra benefit of acquiring the Cypriot citizenship is a privilege adding great value to these properties.  

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