Cyprus is an Ideal Place for Retirement

18 November 2015

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For many years, Cyprus has been the preferred retirement location choice for numerous U.K. citizens. The fact that Cyprus had been a British colony for many years; that the English language is widely spoken, and that the legal system is based on that of the UK, make our island an ideal retirement location. Probably one of the strongest advantages however, is the mild climate of Cyprus, which, combined with the low cost of living and low crime rate, guarantees a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle.

The fact that there are so many ex patriots now living in Cyprus, has inevitably created an extensive support system for the new comers as well as for the ones who visit Cyprus regularly throughout the year. Additionally, there is a wide provision of English language newspapers and a variety of British societies and associations which honour the British traditions and organise events throughout the year. Tax benefits are also a considerable advantage for retirees that choose Cyprus as their new home. Citizens of another EU country are free to move to live in Cyprus as long as they register with the authorities, and they can then enjoy their pension income taxed at only 5%.

The plethora of developments in Paphos, apart from the natural beauty of the town and the proximity of all amenities, is one of the reasons why many ex patriots select it as their retirement home. Moreover, the laws and formalities of purchasing a property in Cyprus are very similar to that of the UK. Also, given that Paphos has its own International Airport, is another important factor for home owners who would like to fly out to their countries of origin frequently or have their loved ones visiting them.

Konia Hills interior

Constantinou Bros Properties recognising the needs of their clients, has devised a home buying guide which covers all the information required in order to make a wise home buying decision. There is a variety of developments to choose from depending on the needs and preferences of the clients. The property management services ensure a comprehensive package of services including property insurance, furniture,equipment, the arrangement of bills, cleaning services etc.

Konia Panorama, could be considered as an ideal project for retirees, constructed to the high standards of Constantinou Bros Properties and consisting of 2 and 3 bedroom villas and bungalows in a secure location with magnificent Mediterranean views. The designs are modern and convenient allowing ample interior space enhancing the peace and tranquillity of the area.



Constantinou Bros Properties Konia Panorama

The unique customer care of our company ensures a smooth transition as well as guaranteed guidance and assistance. The retirement choice is not exclusive to the British clients and most of the benefits mentioned above have also been gaining increasing popularity with retirees from all over the world who are seeking to spend their retirement years enjoying the quality of life that Cyprus so generously offers.

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