Cyprus in top global category for taking care of its children

28 June 2019

The Benefits of Housebuilding

Cyprus is ranked 13th out of 176 countries in Save the Children’s latest annual global childhood report which examines the major reasons why children miss out on childhood.

The end of childhood index scores reflect the average level of performance across a set of eight indicators related to child health, education, labour, marriage, childbirth and violence.

Scores are calculated on a scale of 1 to 1,000, with countries where few children miss out scoring 940 and above, some missing out 760 to 939, many missing out 600 to 759, most missing out 380 to 599, while those who score 379 or less are described as nearly all missing out.

In first place is Singapore, with a near perfect 989, followed closely by Sweden (986).

All countries in the top ten except Singapore and South Korea are in Europe.

Cyprus shares its 13th place with Spain, with a score of 977, which along with another 37 countries places the country in the top category.

It is ranked just ahead of Australia and Switzerland.

On the other end of the scale is the Central African Republic, scoring just 394.

Like most countries, Cyprus has improved its score from the year 2000, when it was 960.

Overall, there has been global progress, the report says. Of the 176 countries which are part of the research, the situation has improved in 173.

“Children born today have a better chance than at any time in history to grow up healthy, educated and protected, with the opportunity to reach their full potential,” the report said. “Even a generation ago, a child was twice as likely to die before reaching age 5, 70 per cent more likely to be involved in child labour and 20 per cent more likely to be murdered.”


Source: CyprusMail

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