Exceptional Customer Care at Constantinou Bros Properties

27 November 2015

The Benefits of Housebuilding

Exceptional Customer Care is defined as exceeding customer expectations. At Constantinou Bros Properties, we focus on just that, and our strong relationships with clients prove it. Broken down, what is really considered as successful customer care?


Our team at Constantinou Bros Properties has a genuine approach with our clients to make them feel safety and trust. We respect our clients and we value their time, listen to them carefully, keep regular communication and manage their expectations in an effort to build strong relationships with them.


When making the big decision to purchase a home, clients may be feeling insecure and have a lot of questions that need tending to. Our Constantinou Bros Properties home buying guide is a step by step process designed so that our clients are guided with patience and discretion through the buying process; from the selection of their property up until the aftersales services that we provide.

Home Buying Process


At Constantinou Bros Properties, we realize that the feedback from our clients is not only an indicator of their needs, but also an opportunity for improving our products and services. For this reason, our sales team are always eager to listen to our customer’s feedback noting their comments.


It is in our company’s policy to make our clients feel happy ensuring that the sale process is not dull and remains above all, human and exciting! We provide assistance with registration to the International School of Paphos for our clients’ little ones as well as point them to the right direction for the appropriate venues for their hobbies and interests.


At Constantinou Bros Properties, we are always happy to tend to our clients problems, observe and offer actionable suggestions and beneficial solutions. Realizing that the purchase of a house is a big matter, even the smallest of requests will be taken into consideration and solutions will be provided to ensure that our clients’ problems are solved. Meetings can be arranged upon the clients’ request with our specialists so all their issues can be discussed.


We don’t wait for our clients to track us down! Regular updates are provided with systematic communication to ensure that they are well informed regarding the process of their new home. We strive to respond to all our clients’ concerns with helpfulness, tact and compassion.We listen to our clients


Our team at Constantinou Bros Properties is confident, knowledgeable and organised. We make sure that all your questions are answered courteously and that you are directed towards making the right decision for you. Our team are well informed so they can assist you in that manner. Furthermore, you will be leisurely transferred from one location to the other while selecting the appropriate property for you.


Our clients trust us with confidential information and special care is given to practice discretion at all times. We want to ensure that our clients’ privacy is protected always and our staff is well trained around this. At Constantinou Bros Properties, we realize that trust is earned through consistency, reliability and repeated excellent customer care services. Our values are built around that.

Customer Focus

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