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18 December 2015

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Alternative Local Activities!

Constantinou Bros Properties ProjectsPaphos has always been a pole of attraction for tourists as well as Cypriots who flood the town from other cities, especially during the summer, due to its beautiful beaches and relaxed ambience. Paphos has also been a top favorite destination for foreign buyers looking to invest. Apart from the plethora of archaeological sites and its beautiful sea waters that make Paphos so popular, there are other alternative activities for one to indulge in. Constantinou Bros Properties has put together the following list for our clients looking to do something different.

Horse Riding in PaphosHorse Riding

Horse riding not only on horses but on ponies as well, to suit all requirements, can be arranged via various ranches either in the Kato Paphos area or around the town. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy horse riding on the beach or in the countryside and delight in the different scenery of the area depending on the season.

Paphos Wine Tours

Paphos is surrounded by wine producing villages. Various tours can be arranged to view the wineries and to have the opportunity to taste the different qualities produced. Most of these villages are set in the mountains and the tour to get there is a marvellous opportunity to enjoy the rich and versatile countryside of Paphos.

Church of Ayia Kyriaki and The Pillar of St. Paul

In the Kato Paphos area, is this beautiful church which was built in the 13th century over the ruins of the largest Early Byzantine basilica on the island. The architecture and the colourful mosaics of this church, some of which are still preserved to this day, will provide you with an escape in time. The Pillar of St.Paul is also part of the same ruins area and it is where the Saint was allegedly tied up and given 40 lashes for his evangelising while on a mission to convert Cyprus to Christianity, in 45 AD.

Boat Tours

Leaving from the Kato Paphos harbour,there is a wide selection to choose from. Fishing trips, day trips to Blue Lagoon in Akamas, trips to beautiful diving spots all around the Paphos area as well as night cruises with fireworks, are some of the trips you may select.

Kayaking and Canooing

This is an option offered by companies in Paphos as well! Spend your day in a fun and alternative way enjoying the blue Mediterranean sea waters.

Paphos Countryside

Nature and Wildlife Tours

Take your pick between a safari personalized tour or a buggie rental to discover the beauty of Paphos’ wild nature while encountering strange species of birds and a wide selection of wildflowers.

The above can be enjoyed not only by tourists but also by people permanently living in Cyprus, be it couples, families or retirees. Constantinou Bros Properties, offers a selection of properties for each different group mentioned above , with our Asimina Park, Konia Hills and Konia Panorama projects.


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