The Traditional Food of Cyprus!

16 December 2015

The Benefits of Housebuilding

The Ultimate Gastronomic Experience!

One of the benefits and joys of owning property in Cyprus, is the rich and healthy Cypriot cuisine!

Cypriots always find a reason to celebrate around food and in most social gatherings, food is always readily available!

Below you can see some of our most essential and characteristic Cypriot products bound to leave yourself and your guests satisfied, the Cypriot way!

Halloumi Cheese

A very popular Cypriot cuisine item dating back to the Medieval Byzantine times! It is made with a mix of goat’s and cow’s milk and has a unique texture similar to mozzarella but with more of a salty flavour. It can be served cold or grilled and can accompany both savoury as well as sweet dishes.

Zivania Traditional DrinkLountza

Another popular Cypriot delicacy, this cured meat product is made of pork tenderloin which is firstly soaked in brine and then marinated in red wine with coriander seeds. The fantastic flavour of lountza is attributed to a smoking process of 20 days and it is a fantastic accompaniment to the halloumi cheese mentioned above.


Zivania is a pure white distillate product of grape pomace and local dry wines with a light raisin aroma. It has a very high alcohol content of 45% and it is a stable item with the Cypriot meze, guaranteed to lift up the spirits!

Anari Cheese

This is a fresh, mild, whey cheese with a light texture and flavour which can be consumed both fresh with honey or left to dry, with salads and pasta, much like parmesan cheese.

Shoushoukos Traditional SweetCarob Syrup

The carob tree is indigenous of Cyprus for over 2000 years and its most popular product, the carob syrup is widely used in our cuisine either served with anari cheese, in cakes instead of sugar as well as the binding ingredient in an energy bar with peanuts and sesame called the ‘pastelaki’.

Pastelaki As mentioned above, this sweet delicacy is made of carob syrup, peanuts, almonds and sesame seeds and it is packed with nutritional value. It was even used in the ancient Greek world as a toner!

Loukanika The Cypriot version of the sausage is also very popular around Christmas time! It is made of fresh pork meat, wine, salt and spices and it can be grilled or fried. An interesting fact it’s that its name has been derived from the Italian region, Lucania, introduced in our cuisine during the Roman Empire.

Shoushoukos This sweet, typically sold in fairs throughout the year, is made by threading whole almonds or halved walnuts and then dipping them in boiled grape juice. It is then left to dry in the sun and usually it is served with wine or brandy.

Konia Panorama by Constantinou Bros Properties


The Cypriot cuisine is a representation of all the cultures that have inhabited our island throughout the centuries! Rich in meats as well as greens, it can suit various tastes and should someone decide to move to Cyprus permanently, they are guaranteed to grow to love our food. Constantinou Bros Properties can facilitate clients looking to move to Cyprus offering lifestyle options as well as immigration schemes.

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