Top Ten Reasons to Buy Property in Paphos

7 December 2015

The Benefits of Housebuilding

Why Paphos Is The Best Place to Live!

Paphos has been a favourite for international property buyers for quite a few years now.

Below are the top ten reasons why buying a property in Paphos would be the wisest decision!

1. Paphos has the ideal weather all year long! Boasting a Mediterranean climate, this ensures 300 days of sunshine per year whereas the summers are not very hot and the winters are milder than other places in Cyprus.

2. The natural beauty of the town! A stunning combination of beaches with crystal clear waters and natural green landscape which resembles the most exotic of islands! The magnificent views that this combination allows are unimaginable.

3. The beaches of Akamas and Lara beach-famous for its turtle nesting- are some of the best swimming locations that the island can offer. The golden sand and stunning contrast of hills with the sea, make it unbeatable.

4. Paphos has some of the most important archaeological sights on the island and it has been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Member.

5. Paphos has low crime compared to other locations on the island.

6. Paphos has its own International Airport which is conveniently located only 15 minutes’ drive away from the towns’ centre.

7. Paphos has a rich diversity of cultures making it easier for international property buyers to adjust.

8. The exceptional quality and value of the living and tourist accommodation which is built to very high infrastructure standards.

9. Most of the locals living in Paphos speak fluent English so they can communicate with many different nationalities.

10. The all year round good weather guarantees good returns for rental properties.

Konia Panorama by Constantinou Bros Properties

Constantinou Bros Properties has contributed significantly to the local market of Paphos with the development of a wide range of luxury residential villas and apartment projects, as well as with the construction of its leisure hotels. Constantinou Bros Properties offers a complete architectural and design service for discerning home buyers looking for a holiday home, a permanent residence or an investment option.

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