14 December 2015

The Benefits of Housebuilding

Buying Property Has Never Been Easier!

Buying a home abroad might seem like a complicated process at first, but not when purchasing from Constantinou Bros Properties. We have devised a step by step guide to ensure that all the necessary information you require will be provided to you so you can make the best possible decision.

1. Determine your Needs & Wants

Location & Neighbourhood:

Take into consideration what is around depending on your needs. For example, are there schools around, a hospital, how far is it to the airport? Many of our properties take pride in their location for all the above reasons. Our properties in Konia combine the advantages of the International School, the General Hospital and the Paphos International School being in very close proximity.

Type of Home: At our company, you can find from luxury custom villas up in Konia Hills to modern apartments close to the beach

Interior Specifications: .Our expert team can assist you to make the right choice for you. From the tile selection to the size of your property as well as the selection of bedroom, kitchen and bathroom fittings

2. Contact our Company

After your needs have been determined, you can quickly and easily contact one of our sales representatives either by visiting our website, by sending us an e-mail,or by calling us! We would love to answer any questions you might have and help you with your queries.

3. Arrange Viewing

We take pride in the properties sold by our company and want to take you for a tour and presentation of our properties to help you select the right one for you.

4. Appoint your Legal Advisor

There are some legalities involved when purchasing a property and a legal advisor can take care of the formalities and look after your interests.

Konia Hills by Constantinou Bros Properties 5. Reservation Agreement with Deposit

Congratulations! You have selected the right property for you. In order to secure your property, an agreement between us will be signed setting up the parameters for your new house, and the payment of the reservation fee will be settled. This fee will depend on the size, type and cost of your property.

6. Signing of Contract

The next step is to sign your contract. Upon signing, all the necessary documents in regards to your purchase will be provided to you. These include the site plan and all other documents which are relevant to your purchase.

7. We keep you updated!

Now the fun part begins! E-mails are exchanged frequently with our clients where they are informed regarding the progress of their house accompanied by the relevant pictures. We are always eager to answer any queries or questions

8. Payment Instalments

These will take place according to the terms of payment agreed at the contract stage.

9. Pre Delivery Stage Your house completed, with water and electricity connected, is ready and cleaned for you! Any fixtures and furniture ordered through our company will be neatly placed.

10. Delivery of the Property

The day has come where the keys to your new property are handed to you! You will receive a ‘Welcome Home’ pack, an Acknowledgement of Delivery and a Property Management Agreement along with a selection of services to choose from including garden maintenance, house cleaning, etc.

11. After Sales Service

Our services do not stop with the delivery of your property! We provide our continuous help and support even after the delivery of your property.

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